(Margaret Flower in our backyard)

 My flowers are finally blooming. Honestly, they are not as beautiful as they were last year. I didn't have much time to take care of them since I was away last spring and when I came back, my boss was asking me to work overtime and now I'm overloaded at work. I took some weeds only once since springtime but I watered them regularly if it's not raining.

(violet flower in our front yard..sorry I forgot the name)

Flowers in our backyards are not as bad as in the front. I will take them out this year and put a new one.  I already started taking some of them and hopefully I will finish cleaning all the bad flowers in the front yard. I will keep this violet flowers for sure but I will transfer to another place. We have more shadow in front during day time and I'm sure that is the reason why my flowers are not healthy. I have to find flowers that needs shadow to replace my olds flowers.

(Peony flower, I guess? )

Well, this little pink flower is not mine.  It's my neighbor's flower but they planted it close to our driveway and it looks like ours and I'm telling you, they have a very nice yards full of beautiful flowers. We are very good friends and I have their permission to picture their flowers. So lucky eh? :-)

More flowers to post next time..


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